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  1. I did a google search What does a five percent play mean in sports betting and didnt get any results but google sucks last four years. These plays that have five percent ROI longterm? Five percent probability of winning? Thinking first but I dont look for 5pct ROI.

    • +Money Charts 5% of bankroll. So if you have $10,000 set aside for betting, 5% of that. After each win or loss, the % is based on the new amount. You should never bet more than 5%, as the majority of the bets should be 1-3%.

  2. Never miss a show. Best betting insight and advice available on Youtube….

    • +LaneEternalmaster Appreciate that and thanks for commenting.

  3. New england over the team total against a weak kd defence. Low number to to under achieving pats offence. Back to the high scoring 30 plus points games were used to with the patriots.

    • @WagerTalk TV: Sports Betting Picks and Tips I use the input from the show every week for my picks. I wish every game was reviewed and also maybe ranking best bets such as the #1 bet would be this team to win, or the total to go under or what not. The last few weeks the MNF matchup was heavily in favour for the LAR to beat BAL and MIN to beat SEA. Both didnt happen and were only reviewed from the public thinks this is the line and I disagree, so I am taking LAR or MIN I agree with some of the analysis but sometimes feel like certain matches are focused on too much. I dont think anyone who bets football waits until the Sunday night or Monday night to have action. I really wish all the games were covered. Is it also possible to have the picks on an google docs link? This would be another neat way to connect with the show and follow any notes or picks.

  4. You can not convince me the rams are a better team then sea……bet the farm on sea

  5. I don’t think these guys are that good at picking games they just look for numbers they need to win this game that doesn’t make it a good bet! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. So if a play is 40$ and you do a 5% play how is the play 20$ ???? I dont understand…

    • +clayton Evins you wager 5% of your bankroll on that play.

  7. Aye yall tripping on the Seahawks get off their c**k straight on my nerves 🤦‍♂️

    • I bet Marco going to bet against Seattle the rest of the way including playoffs. Bumbass Steelers fan!!!

    • +Craig Rubin We appreciate you tuning in.

  8. Let me tell this panel something they might not know. The Seahawks have a really good coach. The Seahawks have a great experience MVP QB candidate and as far as that Seahawks defense goes, their 3rd in the league at takeaways and 1st in forced fumbles.

    • @Arthur Fonzarelli it definitely helps their dominance. You give Russell Wilson short yardage to play with and your gonna pay.

    • @Cedric Holden yes its still a stat but also very likely reason why their record is as good as it is as the date havent been dominant in the scoreboard or the statistics so a lot of people feel they have caught a lot of breaks with the turnover luck

    • @Cedric Holden every team practices turnovers trust me. I follow the Lions closely and have read multiple articles this year about stripping the ball

    • @Arthur Fonzarelli Its still a stat..Just like a lot if interceptions are by luck, when a ball is tipped or batted around. The Seahawks Thursday practice are called Takeaway Thursdays for a reason.

    • @Cedric Holden the point is giving them credit for that isnt the way to look instead its actually more luck than skill as fumble recovery isnt a predictive stat meaning in the future we can expect them to be no more than average in that stat instead of being greatly helped out by it like they have been thus far

  9. Of all the pics and games on the board Kelly’s going with the Rams as a best bet🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Lol comical isn’t it? The whole thing about home team under dog can be taken too far. Sometimes we negate the fact that the visiting team thrives on going on the road in hostile environments and winning gutty close games repeatedly for years and this year as well.

    • Im a huge Vikings fan and I agree. Minnesota cant stop the run and Xavier Rhodes is now a liability and will be cut this off season.

  10. Ive been cleaning up these last few weeks betting the exact opposite of whatever they tell me.

  11. Great show guys! At this point Eli Manning cant throw a rock in the ocean from 10 feet away
    Fly Eagles fly
    Keep up the great content!

  12. Why would you bet on the vikes & against the hawks on MNF? Have you ever heard of technical indicators in investing? Hawks with RW were 5-0 vs Vikes, Cousins hadnt won a MNF game, RW & PC have an incredible Prime time record & you were only getting 3 pts. That is called lighting your cash on fire. The Vikes arent juggernauts. They just escaped vs Denver at home. Played ok vs Dallas. If youre getting 6+, ok, but it was take the Hawks or PASS. Even the fundamentals werent great. If youre experts, how can you make egregious errors in judgment? This isnt 20/20 hindsight. (you probably felt grt after RW gifted the Vikes a TD and Vikes had a 17-10 lead)

    • Nice to see ya post this after the game is done. That is worse than getting a pick wrong. I mean at-least they took a shot, unlike Rick who is 48 years old and never kissed a girl. Everyone loves a Monday Morning Quarterback.

  13. Wtf is wrong with gianni’s teeth?! Does he have a dip in or is he that broke he can’t afford a toothbrush??

  14. Even if you do not agree with their picks, their insight and knowledge on the games is fun, entertaining and worth the one hour spent watching them. I dont spend much time on YouTube but this show is one of the few I catch religiously. Keep it up, guys!

  15. Agree with the Raiders pick against the titians. Disagree with the Cardinals pick. I understand the angle of steelers not being very good on the road and coming off a divisional win, but do you really want to bet a team (cardinals ) that has lost five games in a row? AZ needs to prove it, before you back them. Bad teams find ways to lose

  16. One of the most informative shows when it comes to betting on YouTube, Kelly lookin hot as always..

  17. Ok, haha, but seriously how ARE you going to bet against Russell Wilson in primetime? I feel like they are betting against the Seahawks to redeem being wrong on them several times this season already.

  18. “Vikings were the right side”

    Such a pig headed statement…

    Kirk Cousins was 0-8 on MNF games coming in to this game. Seattle is improving every week and has an mvp candidate QB who has proven he knows how to win in any just about any situation.

    Ace and Marco were all in on Minnesota + the points last year when the Vikings and Hawks played on MNF and they ended up not even being able to cover a 7.5 point teaser.

    Eat your humble pie boys. You make some great sharp picks, but this was not even close to being one.

    • Jason P I totally agree with you 😂 If it wasn’t for that fluke pick 6 Wilson threw then that game wouldn’t have been close. Seahawks are dominant and actually a super bowl contender. Vikings not so much

  19. My lock of the week (past 2 weeks 2-0, Bengals and Jets, respectively): Oakland +2.5…sprinkle on the ML as well

    • TheSport78 I wanted to take Titans -2.5 as Oakland as really struggled for 2 weeks. The titans are grinding out games since their QB change they keep eking out tough performances bludgeoning defenses with The running back Henry while taking shots downfield. The titans don’t quit and play a very hard physical brand of football while they are quietly well coached by Vrabel. With that said I’m not sure if a west coast trip and time zone change will impact their play and Oakland is bound to play well at home. I can’t pull the trigger either way.

    • TheSport78 Raiders are a different team at home that looks good. Steelers are in an awful spot at Zona. Another good unpopular home dog

  20. I’m not a Seattle fan but these three definitely are hating on the Seahawks!

    • Always. And they gonna lose again this week. But hey Ive only been following the freaking team for 2 decades. What do I know. Seahawks 34 rams 23

  21. Good luck Kelly. Rams struggled at home against the Bears a few weeks ago. Seattle is due for a loss but…….I like KC this week.

  22. hahahaah dont bet what youre uncomfortble losing. Why would you get mad about a bet? Its a guess at something out f tyour control. Your waitress has no bearing on your money aside from her tip .

  23. First of all, LOVE this show! I write all of these thoughts down every week and laugh at the “sprinkle” every time.

    No breakdowns on 5 of the 16 games though: Det/Minn, Dal/Chi, Caro/Atl, Mia/NYJ, S.F./N.O. does this mean y’all don’t have any notable thoughts on these, or did you simply run out of time?

  24. Love the show. Really do. But if someone bet all these bets today, they lost A LOT of money.

  25. Hawks are 6-0 on the road. The D-Line and secondary are getting better every week. Russ and Seattle play very well in December.

    • @Henry Diesel I wasnt trying to hate I was trying to educate. Then you have to throw out the wordgenius. So let me guess — you are in your 20s and a HUGE Seahawks fan. In 10 or 20 years you will realize money means more than being a FAN. It wasnt a good spot for them — plain and simple. Good luck to your Hawks. They are a good team but this was not a good spot for them.

    • @Henry Diesel I dont hate the hawks. I like the Hawks. Wilson makes me money. I do not like them in THIS spot. A note for you — as a gambler — you CANNOT have a favorite team. Your favorite team is your best bet for the week. Money wins over Favorite team all the time. I bet against Buccaneers all the time and I have no problem doing so. And you respond BEFORE the game is over? Interesting move on your part. I will see your response at 8:45pm

    • Yes, the Hawks are 6-0 on the Road and in the betting world — all things eventually even out. Besides, this is a Division Home Dog situation. Rams win this game. No need to comment now. Comment Monday if Rams lose. And to be clear, I am not a Rams fan. This is a and that is how gambling works pick no more no less. No breaking down Xs and Os or power rankings. Rams win this game because that is how gambling works.

  26. I remember when she backed the Rams against the Ravens along with Teddy Covers lol… Then they didnt back them last week. best thing to do is back the rams when they dont back them. Seahawks might only win by small margins but thats wheres theres huge value on them, at pick em odds how are you gonna convince me to bet against a team that has only lost 2 games to 2 of the best teams in the league and then scraped out wins no matter who theyre against?? sorry but the Seahawks are the better value there. theyre winning games, and when the line is smaller than 3 points, you dont have to worry about whether theyll cover or not. Colts are a very good value play too

  27. 2 things . If you are a bettor try and go to a few games and you will see what home field is . I just watched Chargers and raiders and Vikings at Seattle. Its unreal and you as a away team its tough . 2. Never bet Wilson at home on prime time against 0-8 cousins . Domnt bet against Brady and bill in December at home last loss 2015. This week Imlike the Raiders +3 and Saints and 49ers over 43. 2 linebackers out for saints and lots of points and a pick 6

  28. Oh yeah lets fade the Seahawks yet again…surprise surprise 🤦🏽‍♂️

  29. Scary thing about The Seahawks is that these guys are connected. These guy are so dialed in to the You fight for me, and I will fight for you mentality its scary. These guys play as a totally united team. That is what makes them so successful and very difficult to beat… I do kinda lean Rams this weekend but ummm yeah lol. Why on earth would you ever get involved with that New England team? Have you not seen enough? Brady is disgusted he has no targets to throw the ball too. New England they are NOT the New England we have all been robbed blind by. Brady walking off and dropping his helmet or throwing it all in either way it says a lot. Dont worry I gave it the old Smell Test

  30. Seattle has been winning with smoke and mirrors for is what makes them fun to watch!

    • Jeff Ta Best Bet Records for the crew pro n college

      Marco college picks 2-9
      NFL picks 7-6-1

      Gianni college picks 4-7
      NFL picks 4-9-1

      Kelly college picks 3-7
      NFL picks 8-5-1

  31. OMG is she gonna let the talker finish…she acts as if she’s being ignored in a crowd of sports writers

  32. Thanks for another damn losing day . QUIT PRETENDING YALL WIN EVERY WEEK. THey will claim that every loss was just a lean and that they were on the right side of wins. It’s horse crap. They go 50% and when you’re betting -110 juice that’s losing !!!!!

  33. If it was an afternoon game Ill be hesitant. But Wilson on primetime? Dont overthink. Take seahawks all in

  34. Really important program, I dont know who is just fast forwarding to the picks at the end but theyre nuts and stupid. The value is in the content of the entire show. Listening to the how and why, the asides, the additional comments, the inside stuff. Give a man a fish…teach a man to fish.., thanks to all of you. Incredibly valuable.

  35. If youve been on the other side of new england a lot in the past than you have been losing your ass doing so

  36. Btw, did you hedge your MNF Vikes bet by taking the Hawks at Halftime? That is called being an expert. You couldve taken the Hawks -3.5 at Half. (hawks down 17-10) Now youd have Vikes +3 and Hawks +3.5 for the game!!! That is an INCREDIBLE hedge and MIDDLE to potential cash both ends. If you dont know how to hedge a profitable middle, then you need my training course.

  37. Great advice, but best bet on NE this week? Brady looked awful last week. KC wins it outright.

    • Eric Trani Minshew Mania can’t stop other teams running backs the Jags who I loved to watch and bet seems to have lost their identity and soul defensively in the past weeks

    • Jags will chew ur $ and shit it out. Take titans on the road instead.

    • Prez is a dip shit. The fact that anyone would even buy that clowns plays is unbelievable. He is so needy for attention he has to boast every show about how he has no time, and he is travelling here and there. He has to tape so many shows in a day. I mean this guy thinks hes Donald Trump. He believes he is un-replaceable because he is part owner of the show. The cast should dump his ass and start there own show with these three, Teddy Covers, and Dave Cokin.

    • +Alex Guerrero We love that you love it 👍

  38. Hey arent these the same fools that said the Vikings were going to beat the Seahawks in Seattle last Monday night?

    • @BayAreaSun sorry — tried to help. At home of course I bought Bills OFF the key number of 7 to 7.5. Anytime I am at a 6 number I buy to 7 or 7.5, Sorry — but the Hawks were in a bad spot. Just a really bad gambling spot — 1) monday night winner then go on road 2) Rams were Division home dog 3) 6-0 and on the road (gambling evens out in the end) You know how hard it is to go 8-0 on the road? Hawks had three KEY issues not in their favor. This outcome did not surprise me. best of luck rest of the year.

    • @IBRAHIM BANGURA I do watch. I watch for when they pick an off the wall game — Like Bengals + points vs Ravens or Jags. Then I go opposite because then I know they are ONLY playing numbers in that game and not looking at talent level.

    • @BayAreaSun Great points. You are correct — confidence is so important when a team wins or starts winning. I agree Josh Allen still has Jameis Winston qualities — fumbles, locks in on receivers, cannot throw a deep ball to wide open WR. Talk about coaching — when I watched Ravens down to Chiefs earlier in the year and in 2nd half Harbough ran it 6 times in a row — most coaches will not run it 3xs in a row. Gained a lot of respect from me as that drive got them back in the game.

    • @Luke Lacasse Seattle is got not only momentum but confidence. Seattle will heat the Rams. I too like the Chiefs but than again belicheat might throw a bone or 2 to the refs. Bills are up and coming they outplayed a very bland cowboys team that started strong but forgot the game had 3.5 qtrs to go. Ravens are balanced throughout too well coached. Bills qb will have his struggles and be outplayed, Ravens roll.

  39. Why do they call Jimmy the Greek VR? Always interesting and entertaining to hear expert picks . You guys are a lot of fun.

  40. Show is great very informative awesome job and oh my wow Kelly is a hottie.

  41. Best Bet Records for the crew pro n college

    Marco college picks 2-9
    NFL picks 7-6-1

    Gianni college picks 4-7
    NFL picks 4-9-1

    Kelly college picks 3-7
    NFL picks 8-5-1

  42. True story. My mom is 77 and has only watch 2 football games her entire life. She knows very little about football but I ask her Would you bet against Russell Wilson in Seattle in prime time? Her answer. Hell no!!!

  43. These guys would ratther let their hate for the Seattle prevail than win money.

  44. The Vikings werent the right side lmaooo. They were actually down by 17 at one point STOP.

    • @Philly Scorpio My issue with them is not that they even picked the Vikings objectively and analytically, its their bias against Seattle. They have literally picked against Seattle every week and loss lol. Seattle mainly Russell Wilson is money primetime and they did not once considered the trends. Its laughable at this point.

    • I agree… love the show but you gotta use your own thoughts too. The Seahawks are on fire, Vikings wasnt beating them…& neither will the dysfunctional Rams.

    • +Daniel Price Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment.

  45. Pass for me on the Redskins game. Really not confident in either team to cover. I could see GB blowing their doors off or Washington barely covering. Im just not confident in either one.

  46. 00:35 Sea/LaR 05:20 NyG/Phi 09:49 Balt/Buff 10:28 Was/G.B
    11:13 Den/Hou 12:28 Cin/Cle 13:19 Ind/T.B 15:08 Pit/Arz
    16:05 Ten/Oak 17:17 Tease 20:19 Steam 22:49 Sandwich
    25:18 Trends 33:44 Dogs 38:18 Best 48:40 ReCap

  47. absolutely one of the best shows this season, seeing all 3 take a position with conviction and passion behind it, love it

  48. Oh my God Buffalo just cannot get any respect first its like yeah but who have they played then they go out on the road on Thanksgiving and get an impressive win against Dallas when they picked Dallas to win and know there making excuses about how Dallas is not playing good football give me a break lol😂😂😂😂

    • @Jerome Jasper Too many dropped passes on key downs today. And they call a timeout to run a slant vs best cornerback in the league. Horrible call after a timeout. But as a gambler — I am not that dumb. Of course I bought Bills OFF the key number of 7 at +7.5. (I bought 1.5 points) I would rather see Bills win but I will take the gambling win.

    • @Luke Lacasse Yes that really happened Bills go out and lay the smack down and all I heard for 30 got damn minutes about bad this Cowboys team I was in utter disbelief I mean they did play another team that day didnt they anybody know who it was I doubt it cause all they did was talk about Dem boys

    • No one in america has a clue how good this Bills Defense is because all they talked about after Cowboy game on ALL the radio and TV shows was what is wrong with Dallas instead of Bills just kicked Dallas in the teeth on the road
      And — dont look now — but Ed Oliver is becoming a stud. Cannot wait to see him next year.

  49. I believe they are wrong about the Titans. They are 5-1 in their last 6. We will see but they have been playing good football. Titan Up⚔

  50. I had Seattle. My big deciding factor was taking a look at who the Vikings wins came against. Strength of schedule matters and they couldnt afford not to have Theilen playing. Aaaaannnnddd, Cousins is a folding chair in big games. He just doesnt handle the pressure.

    • I saw the same game. My commentary about Cousins being a folding chair wasnt related to how he played in that game but how its a trend in big games that cant be over looked, hence one of the reasons I bet Seattle. He was 0-8 on Monday night entering that game btw. Now 0fer 9.

    • you must have scene a different game that everyone else on ESPN and NFL network. Cousins played a hell of a game. There were too many mistakes by all three phases to overcome in the second half.

  51. It seems like every week for the last 8 weeks I’ve heard about Sea not being very good. They are basically the Jets just with luck on their side is the breakdown.

  52. So you throw out all the rest of stats that matter just because TENN is in this sandwich situation ? Oak has been playing pure grade garbage and why is that going to change against a good Titans D and run/pass game that is trending up? Love u guys but thats a horrible pick. Titans 27. Oak 17

  53. I told you. Do not bet against SEA at home in prime time. And how about just giving them some credit, you whining babies? SEA dominated MIN. Time of possession: SEA 40 MIN 20. One fluke INT for a TD and one blown coverage for a 70 yard TD. Otherwise, this game wasnt really close. Rhodes was throwing his helmet around for a reason.
    By the way, take any starting QB away and the team aint sh. Take Jackson out of BAL and theyre lucky to end up .500. #pointlesspoint

  54. Fucking changed my triples from including Henry anytime TD to the raiders because everyone tipping the under. I used to watch this just to bet against you guys I.E. lumped on Ravens vs Rams on the ravens straight up costed me £1000 because I listened for once

  55. Always remember the most important statistic when betting on football games. The team that gets the most points will win the game 100% of the time. So try to figure out what team is going to get the most points for the game. Its that simple. Youre welcome.☺

  56. this week i like cowboys colts broncos all those likes are on the spread

    • @josh ss Great call on the Broncos and i hope you bought Colts to key number of 4 for the win?

    • My brother and I talk about this ALL the time. This is why gamblers lose. Play GOOD teams. The three teams you just listed — they are so-so teams. meaning, you will get so-so results.

  57. The numbers the numbers everybody is talking about Seattle they are winning football games! PERIOD! Who gives a fuck about numbers they are well coached and they win big games!

  58. Titans / sea / Pitt. 7pt 3 team teaser. Sprinkle on that winner. 🚫 Instead ……# dump all the $ on that winner. Winner 💯

  59. Didnt the three of you pick the Rams a couple of weeks ago and got screwed? Whenever I hear “they have to win or their season is over” I run away.. they are in that position because they just dont have it. My general feeling is that Southern Calif teams are pretenders and dont deliver at crunch time (USC historically has been the exception at college level).

    • +David Wicks they all owned it and always address the losers.

  60. After 45 minutes you have 6 picks except there the same 2 teams. Never having enough time is your favorite comments. Do you need a producer?

  61. Another awesome show! Love Marco’s jokes and the lunch meat in the fridge reference was great! Keep up the awesome content. This is the best show on YouTube !

    • +Bob Cieslinski We appreciate the comment and taking the time to share your thoughts.

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